Teen Kills his Enemies’ Mother While Visiting Her Son’s Grave for His Birthday


    A 17-year-old Killeen, TX teen will be charged as an adult for killing a mother who was visiting her son’s grave on what would have been her son’s 22nd birthday this past March.

    Yolanda N’Gaojia’ son Amir was killed on New Year’s Day, Jan 1. No word on who killed her son or if a suspect had been apprehended.

    Christian Lamar Weston

    Christian Lamar Weston shot and killed Yolanda N’Gaojia, 52, on March 22, 2022 just a bit more than three months after her son was killed and she was still fresh in mourning the loss.

    She was visiting her late son’s gravesite to celebrate what would have been his 22nd birthday when Weston shot her. After being shot, she was transported to the hospital, where she died from her wounds later that day on her late son’s birthday.

    Weston is being held without bond and will also get a separate charge for carrying an unlicensed weapon.

    In a post online, N’Goajia’s ex-husband and Amir’s father, Kineh N’Goajia, said, “I hope he gets the death penalty,”

    One day after Yolanda was killed, he said he had “no words to describe his pain” He added: “This is stuff you see in movies, but it has become our life. I can’t believe you are gone, Yolanda N’Gaojia … how y’all gonna kill her on her son’s birthday at his gravesite???”

    In another post, he added: “Those bullets took a precious gem from us but gave us an Amazing Angel to guide us so you know we ain’t going nowhere but up cause we know how hard you rode for your family.”“

    In another post, he said, “Thank you for making our lives complete. We gonna miss you, Soldier. WE LOVE YOU. Kiss Amir for me and tell him how much I/we love and miss him.” He also expresses sympathy for the former couple’s other children, who are dealing with both losses. The investigation is ongoing.

    Yolanda N’Gaojia, and her late son


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