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Technology has changed not only the way DJ’s mix but the way we get music as well. As a mixer myself I have to admit that in this new digital age I have become a bit lazy. I remember when the sight of the Fed Ex or UPS truck would bring excitement and mean vinyl has arrived! Today I just want to be able to download all the music I need the easiest and fastest way possible. For me and many other mixers I believe digital pools have become the answer. Sure all of the labels send us the records directly, but going through tons of emails can be exhausting. We sat down with Darin “CEO” Glow owner of “Late Night Record Pool” to give us his take on how pools like his have made a place in the radio community. 

RFVB: Describe your pool for us…CEO: Late night pool started as a vinyl record in 2004. In 2008 we had to switch to a digital pool. We provide a service to DJs of all different genres. This pool is made for every kind of DJ, our foundation is the music. From the newcomers to the veterans we take care of everyone.  /><strong></strong><strong>RFVB : I personally use your pool and find the old skool to be extremelly useful and not a lot of pools are supplying old skool to the extend you do. What is your motivation to do this in such a (click “next” above or below to see more)  big way. </strong><em><strong class=CEO: Because I want the DJ’s in my pool to have an arsenal of music. I want to give DJ’s what they need and sprinkle in a little bit of  the hip hop music I grew up on. I don’t want the classic authentic hip hop music to die. RFVB: How are you able to get a lot of the classic records that you have in the pool? Because what I love is that if I am missing a mp3 of classic record I can find it on your pool.CEO: Well I buy a lot of CD singles if I don’t already have it. I believe in investing in my pool. You got a spend money to make money.

RFVB: Well I know your a hip hop music head like me im sure you have an amazing collection of vinyl. Do you ever you your vinyl to put up content.
CEO: Yes if I cant find something on a CD or get an mp3 I will rip my own vinyl. Especially accapellas and Instrumentals.

RFVB: What are your plans for the future of Late Night Record Pool.CEO: We are re designing the site it’s going to be even more personalized to the users needs. RFVB: Before I joined your pool I would get mp3’s that said (LNRP INTRO) and wondered what it was. Now I know its Intros you created. Tell us about how you work with the labels.CEO: Well, me being a mixshow DJ myself I have relationships with the labels. Me being from the middle of the country in Springfield Missouri, we don’t have celebrity DJ’s or artist or endorsements so I have always felt that I have to work that much harder to set my self apart and the same philosophy goes for the pool. SO when I receive a record and create an intro version, I send it to the label and they have been using it.RFVB: What is your feelings about how many labels are not letting Instrumentals and Accapellas be serviced? For me this is very frustrated because I like to mix in the instrumental and then cut in the vocal.CEO: Well, we can blame the internet for that. Every up and coming artist wants to rap on peoples beats and every up & coming producers have to remix or do a mashup for every hit that comes out.RFVB: How can people get a hold of you? CEO: [email protected]



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