Woman Testifies Attorney Offered her up to 200k to Lie on Trey Songz in Sexual Assault Case


    An attorney named Ariel Mitchell allegedly met with a woman, named Mariah Thielen, who is a friend of Jauhara Jefferies. Jefferies filed a claim against singer Trey Songz for assaulting her sexually at a New Year’s Eve party in 2017.

    Thielen states that Mitchell allegedly wanted her to say she witnessed the assault and that Songz allegedly assaulted her too, which she said was also a lie.

    Trey Songz

    Theilen, who was with Jefferies on the night of the alleged assault,  is stating that Jefferies’ attorney offered her between 100k and 200k to lie on Songz painting him as a sexual predator like R. Kelly. TMZ states that they have the transcripts of the accusations. 

    Thielen concluded that the lie would have allowed the attorney to take the allegations to Trey’s legal team to get a quick settlement according to the transcript. 

    Theilen refused the offer and she met with Trey’s legal team a short time later to inform them of the deception. 

    As a result, Mitchell’s partner has withdrawn from the case because of Florida’s rules for professional conduct. He stated he had multiple grounds to withdraw. 

    In another case, the same attorneys represented a woman who accused Chris Brown of rape. She was suing for 20 million until Brown posted texts from the woman along with voicemails where she was asking for him to have more sex with her and to stop ignoring her. The texts implicated her as being deceptive.

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