TD Jakes Still Getting Heat for Saying Today’s Successful Women are Celebrated for Being Mean (video)


    TD Jakes just made a very controversial video and sermon, “Real Men Pour In,” about women not allowing men to pour into them and climbing the corporate ladder and not being judged for their femininity but how to mean she is according to contemporary society.

    td jakes

    He says women are being raised to be men (to take on the masculine aspect that God designed for men exclusively) and that he knows she can buy her own car and buy her own house but she is often still empty inside because her goal is to let men know she doesn’t need him instead of needing him and it still makes her empty inside.

    He goes on to say that women use the children to take aim at the father who may not be present and in the process she is getting child support (a check) but no child support at the same time (a father) and she is hurting the children because of her own pain. (see video)


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