Artis Hughes, Cleveland Bus Driver Who Knocked Girl into the Future… Fired


(see the hilarious video below)Unfortunately the bus driver, Artis Hughes, who gave an award winning uppercut to a female disorderly bus rider who hit him and spit in his face got fired after he got up and knocked her ass into the future. While we do not advocate men beating women this spitting on someone breaks all the rules and this case is an exception. She deserved it and it was hilarious they way he threw her ass off the bus like a rag doll after he rearranged her jaw.According to, on Tuesday morning, The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, made an announcement and the sum of it was that 59 year old Huges was being released from his duties as a bus driver. The Transit Authority asserts that Hughes violated the company’s policy and the rules of conduct. We hope he sues the shit out of the transit authority.When Hughes decided to teach 25 year old Shi’ Dea Lane a lesson in how to talk to “grown folk” with a swift uppercut to her jaw, it was caught on video. Before that, the video showed Lane boarding the bus and behaving in what has been described as “a disorderly manner”. On the video, Lane and Hughes can be seen exchanging words and it is clear that the argument escalated. While it can not be seen on the video, it as been reported that witnessed saw Lane spit on Hughes and then the video clearly shows Huges striking Lane after she pushes him. Hughes then forced Lane off the bus and threw her belongings out after her.

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