Mom Mauled to Death in Back Yard While Dog Sitting Pit Bulls


A mom was mauled to death in her backyard while dog-sitting pit bulls. The North Carolina mother died on Thursday while taking care of the animals.

Neighbors heard Trena Peed crying for help shortly after she let two dogs out of the backyard and to her home in early morning hours. 911 was immediately called.

Fox 8 heard the phone calls. The neighbors could be heard telling the 911 dispatcher: “It's dark. All I hear is her yelling and her dogs over there attacking her.”

“All I know is that they…they done drug her into the dark,” neighbors said on the call.

Peed’s son was sleeping in the house. He awoke to the sad news of his mother’s death.

In a GoFundMe page set up to cover her funeral costs in Virginia, the woman's daughter suppressed her sorrow over the attack.

“Early this morning, my mom was tragically taken from us by a vicious attack from a dog. My mom has always been a true example of strength, love, and determination,” wrote daughter Waynesha Peed.

My siblings, grandmother, family, and I are heartbroken at her sudden passing. She has endured and overcome so much, most recently losing two sons two years apart, both by tragic car accidents. By her faith, she always had a smile on her face that could light up any room, loved to laugh, cook, enjoy life & had a heart of gold.”

A friend for over 15 years, Peed’s neighbors spoke with Fox 8, saying:  “It's terrible. She got mauled to death. That's terrible.”

Police shot at the two pit bulls in an attempt to save Peed. It was the only option to stop the attack, said police. On the traffic radio, “shots fired” was heard, followed by: “I got one dog down, it's another one out here.”

The Guilford County Animal Services has currently quarantined the surviving Pitbull.

It is unconfirmed if any charges will be brought forth. If any charges are filed, they will come from the Greensboro Police.

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