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Podcasting or YouTube Channel? YouTube Channel, Here’s Why

Nevermind Podcasting Develop a YouTube Channel Instead, Here’s Why

Do you have great communication skills? Don’t worry about doing a podcast in the now oversaturated market, develop a YouTube channel instead.

Over the recent years, the podcasting industry has pretty much been purchased by other corporations and the middleman plays a huge role in your earnings.

Who do you want to be in control of when it comes to you securing the bag? However, YouTube remains a winner, in my opinion, for YOU having control over how much money you make and eliminating the middleman.

It’s your choice and it depends on how you want to get your message across. Some podcasting works, but let’s take a look at a YouTube channel. It is more work but it also has greater financial benefits.

In this article, I’m targeting the radio industry but it’s really for anyone with great communication skills. That could literally boil down to people telling you that you have a nice voice. The question becomes how will you use it and profit from the skill.

Over the years I’ve talked about how professional communicators and broadcasters can make extra money with a YouTube channel. Along with other ways of earning an income I’ve always felt that I was speaking to an audience of none as I have rarely seen anybody in the industry take advantage of the situation. So I stopped.

However, if i can reach one person my job is done and I won’t give up. Radio will be around forever but it doesn’t mean radio people can’t take advantage of their communication skills and hard work..

I came across this video today after looking at another video for the Rick James movie coming out on Showtime. This video has 6600 views. On average, YouTube pays $18 per 1000 views.

Technically 6600 views is not much but he has made $117 while he sleeps and as the views continue to grow he will make more … while he sleeps. If this video had 660,000 views he would have made close to $12k doing nothing but posting Google Adsense ads on the video which is very easy.

If you multiply that by doing just one video a week you will have 52 videos garnering more views in one year that never stop getting views.

So if all of his 52 videos got just 6600 views each, he would have made 6k by now but remember 6600 is a lowball number for a YouTube channel. I need to also mention you need 1000 fans in order to monetize your YouTube channel.

He has compelling content but his delivery is not inviting, driving, motivating or interesting. But at least he’s trying.

If he was established, compelling, and respected as a YouTube channel and he was marketing his videos on the socials the 12k (based on 660,000 views) would be a base salary and he would probably get approached by corporations to mention their products for thousands more which would then be the cherry on top.

This video was produced several months ago in March of this year. But I have seen some videos that were literally posted a couple of days ago that already have close to 1 million or more views. It all depends on the quality of the video and the channel.

While the quality of this video itself is actually pretty good I want broadcasters and communicators to listen to the communication skills of this guy. He gets names wrong and his delivery is poor.

I have no doubt this is the reason why this video hasn’t done much better but when I think about the fact that there are professional communicators reading this story in our industry who could be making more money and securing their futures if things don’t go well with their current station, I am lost. Is everybody meant to be an entrepreneur? No but everybody, obviously, is also not meant to be a great communicator either.

Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to achieve but it requires commitment. The most amazing message you can get on your phone first thing in the morning is “A direct deposit has been made into your account” and it was earned while you sleep. See the video

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