The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses When Friends Hooking Up Goes Wrong (VIDEO)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed when friends hooking up goes wrong. Eva Marcille said her friend circle is getting more and more complicated. She said there was a situation where a friend of hers decided to talk to a friend of the radio host and her husband. Eva said she did not suggest the hookup, nor did she and her spouse think it was a good idea.

“These are two people that are going to be in our lives inevitably. So, if it doesn't work out between the two of them now, everything is weird,” said Eva.

Eva went on to say that despite their suggestion, the friends began to date and talk. In the end, one person does not feel the same way but is afraid to say something because their feelings are involved.

“Do we as friends jump in there and say look y’all, y'all need to stop. Just let it go, and let's just go back to friends, or do we just let the love crumble in front of us?” said Eva.

Rock-T said that he believes it is a little bit of both. He said if the friends are coming to Eva and her husband Mike complaining, fussing, and bringing negative energy, then maybe it is best to step in and say something. If not, let them deal with the relationship independently because they are grown.

Conditions are getting better, such as temperatures are warming and COVID numbers are down, so it is time to start doing group things again, and a trip is coming up. However, Eva does not know if both of them can attend.

Gary With Da Tea said he does hook his friends up with each other, but he does not lie. If someone has shady ways about them, he warns his other friend before introducing them.

“I don't lie. I tell them, look, girl, he's a wh***. He got wh***** tendencies. This is what he does, but he's a nice guy,” said Gary.

He said a couple of his friends have dated each other and broke up and they are all still friends.

Da Brat disagreed with Gary. She said you should introduce them and stay out of it because perhaps the new person might change how they normally act.

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