The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Rapper Takeoff Being Shot: “Black Lives Have to Matter to Us” (Video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the tragic death of rapper Takeoff. Da Brat reported that Jason Lee shared that the Migos star was gunned down at Billiards and Bowling in Houston over a dice game.

    Fans are sending prayers to the young star. Reports originally stated that Quavo was shot as well; however, reports say that is untrue. Pictures allegedly show Takeoff lying on the sidewalk.

    Yesterday Quavo and Takeoff released the video for their song “Messy” from their “Only Built For Infinity Links” album”

    Rick” Smiley said he does not understand what could happen “so bad” during a dice game that a person is shot 57 times. Perhaps the problem was someone who did not understand how to play dice or could not handle losing, said Da Brat. “I don’t know what happened, but it’s not worth somebody’s life,” she added.

    “He was the quietest one. Somebody you never heard about; he kept his stuff private. He was the dopest [sic] MC. The dopest [sic] writer… a good heart, like a good dude. We texted last week,” said Da Brat.

    Da Brat said Maria informed her that Freddyo posted that the megastar was shot 57 times. The morning show host was unclear if there were multiple shooters. Da Brat said that she did not have many details on the story. Smiley said it seemed like the assailant wanted to kill Takeoff, and anything would trigger the shooting.

    The morning show host said it seemed as if jealousy was the issue. Smiley said the Black community needs to discuss gun violence more but to do so appears as if the community is being spoken down upon.

    “It’s unpopular to talk about because if you say something about it, then it seems like you talking down on Black folks,” said Smiley.

    Smiley said that Black lives “have to matter to us,” for change to occur.

    The morning host said nobody shot George Zimmerman. Smiley pointed out Zimmerman was signing Skittles packets, and still, he is not a target of hate. Smiley said many battles need to be fought, such as the upcoming election, and the Black community does not have time to tear itself down with senseless acts of violence.

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