Racist White Woman Tests Black Woman and Gets Punched in the Face


Times are obviously tense right now or at least the tense times are being filmed more often. Another day, another store, and another argument that doesn’t end well for a white woman who did not heed those classic words of “Call me a ni&&er again…” When a black person or any person says “call me whatever again,” that is a final warning to let you know these hands will be released in the pursuit of punishment. Well, the racist white woman in this clip had to learn.


  1. So the darker woman hits the big mouth lighter woman as her response to idiot women from moron women.looks like this country is on the brink of a racial war like the Wild West.

  2. Sad story. I hate idiots. :(Especially the loud mouth ones. Why should anyone be subjected to that woman screaming and hollering and slapping someone around in the damn gas station. Can I not just buy a drink. That black lady seems to have zero qualms about how her free speech needs Stop when it infringes on other people’s rights to be in a peaceful public setting. She needed a blast in her mouth herself.

  3. The White lady had NO BUSINESS CALLING HER A N***** period! The white lady is old enough to know what can happen if you call anyone out of their name especially that word! It mean ignorance but that’s not what people take it as! GOD is the rainbow so why do people have to use color, every time they say ignorant comments they are talking to the LORD AS WELL

  4. Nah, the first two hits were not assault, they were a learning experience. If you say some dumb shit to someone and get popped in the mouth for it, I can guarantee you’ll think twice about doing it again. More people need to experience this.The other slaps and punches while she was down were probably too much. But me personally still wouldn’t have called the cops, and i would have voiced to others not to call. Its done. She learned today lol.

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