Caught On Camera: Wendy’s Employee Attacked Over Drive-Thru Order Mishap

    Caught on camera: two Cincinnati women attack Wendy’s employee over a drive-thru order. (Video provided by Cincinnati Police Department)

    In a story first reported by Newsweek, surveillance cameras caught a Wendy’s employee violently attacked by two customers over a drive-thru order mishap.

    In captured video footage, the two Cincinnatti women enter the restaurant after being upset about the way their order was handed to them in the drive-thru line.

    Becoming immediately confrontational upon entrance, the two women begin to throw various items at the employee working the drive-thru window. 

    The women then walk around the counter and begin to attack the employee, backing the victim into a corner and punching and assaulting her.

    According to Cincinnati police, the victim of the two women suffered a fractured leg and a torn ligament during the assault back in December.

    On Friday, the Cincinnati Police Department posted a message to Facebook urging community members to help identify the perpetrators of this brutal attack.

    Authorities say the two women face felony charges.

    “We will not tolerate this type of violence.”

    Cincinnati Police Department


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