Cruise for Big Women: Should Black Radio ENCOURAGE being Overweight.. and CONTENT?


Without question, the black community should not DISCRIMINATE against fat people and the point could be driven home more often if being overweight was not so incredibly unhealthy. Sorry, there is no benefit to having high blood pressure, diabetes and being a good cand idate for a heart attack, blood clots, cancer and an early death. I remember a famous basketball player told me, no matter how her hair looks, no matter what kind of clothes she wears or how much money she had, if she was fat, it just didn’t look right. I don’t totally agree with that but many brothers AND sisters do…

I remember when the whole drinking oil and lemon juice thing was out and Cliff Winston had done it at KJLH and lost a lot of weight. All of the sudden black people, especially women were calling in and asking for his advice. One woman called in who said she was 4’6″ and weighed 450. The studio was silent. At that time, I could only picture a bowling ball with wiggling fingers. I could not imagine someone that height carrying that kind of weight…. then I moved to Atlanta years later and saw both women and men literally defy gravity by even being able to STAND they were so magnanimous. In an effort to help her out, Cliff asked the woman what she had for breakfast and she confessed that she had eaten Ribs and Macaroni and Cheese…. FOR BREAKFAST… I laughed till I almost sh…ted on myself. Granted, I have had to battle my weight all my life too but you know you are at the point of no return when you have Ribs and Mac and Cheese for Breakfast. I’m sorry, there is no excuse for that sh…. A whole box of cereal… maybe… but Ribs? What was for lunch … Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings?

In the black community we don’t have an obesity problem we have mental issues with food. When I would see the HUGE people in Atlanta, I surmised, damn what happens when you have 150 pounds to lose, how motivated can you be to do that? And we love a quick fix, if you lose that kind of weight (quickly) without exercising like a maniac, you’re thin but you will look droopy and sick … you’re STILL not going to find anybody to fook.

Ian Smith might be considered obese in some of the poor villages in Ethiopia but in America his bony ass can’t motivate enough people cause he doesn’t have a weight problem. If Tom Joyner lost 50 pounds he’d have a better chance of rallying listeners to join in. He fits the profile of someone who would be a leader for the cause… he’s not as easy on the eyes as Ian Smith and he’s older.. Most of the listeners can relate to that. People believe people who have experienced the same problem they have. A former crack addict is the best person to help current crack addicts.

Monique WAS an advocate for fat women. She says she lost the weight for her relationship translated: she lost the weight so she could continue to get fooked. Homeboy gave her an option. That was a contradiction to her being a spokesperson for bigens nationwide, writing books and even talking about it in her comedy routines. She would go home and her man told her… “Baby, I don’t give a sh… WHAT you tell those other fat ass women to do, YOU need to lose some of that damn weight or I won’t be here when you get back!” Needless to say, ONE man defeated a nation of fat women and the spokeswoman for fat ladies died and Monique started walking up mountains.

I came across this info for a cruise for big women. I know what MILF stand s for but what does BBW stand for? Big Beautiful Women? I see it in the porn…. oops, I mean I’ve seen it on various pamphlets. At any rate, it’s a cruise for big women to have a good time and enjoy not being discriminated against but what happens when the cruise is over? Can a woman really get mad at a man for not being sexually attracted to her because she is overweight? Is that discrimination?

OK, enough jokes. Bottom line, however you look what gets you over each and every time is CONFIDENCE and COMMUNICATION SKILLS. I’ve seen some of the UGLIEST, toothless and crippled people who have a ton of confidence and great communication skills and they get it in.

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