Tamar and Vince Get Real with Dr. Oz

Today on The Dr. Oz Show – We over the past four years, have watched Tamar and Vince get married, have a baby, and survive some life-threatening health scares.
Tamar and Vince are here to share how their lives have changed in a big way for the better. Plus, what’s next for the couple as parents…is baby number two on the way?
On the benefits of his weight-loss journey, Vince Herbert says: “well, I can do everything now. I can run and I can chase Logan. I mean, I got so much energy. I’m just, like, I get up in the morning and I feel great, I sleep better. Um, at one time they were like, you may have sleep apnea. I was like, oh no, I ain’t getting that. I’m not having that. I just feel so reenergized. My brain is better. I just do everything. I can love my wife better.”
On Vince’s 93-pound weight-loss, Tamar Braxton shares: “I’m very happy. You know, I mean, at first I was like, okay, you’re getting too skinny too soon and I’m going to be the thick one now because I’m still eating. Um, but, you know, I had to change my eating habits as well, you know. This is not liposuction this is a surgery that was in place to save his life and you have to take it very serious.”
On having more children, Tamar Braxton exclaims: “Oh, it’s amazing. I wish I knew better back then when I kept saying, I don’t want any more kids or I’m not having any more kids… but, kids enrich your life so much, you know what I mean? They make things worthwhile. They make you work harder and harder and harder, it’s that legacy for your kids and so, you know, I just want to have as many kids as I can. I wish I had the Partridge Family, I really do.”

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