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WJZZ Format and Staff Out

Radio Facts: Atlanta outlet WJZZ aband oned its format and staff...Details are not in just that PD Dave Kosh and Greg Fitzgerald are out. [...]

Conservative Radio Ho's (oops) HOSTS Still Living: "Freedom Act" Bars Fairness Doctrine

Radio Facts: Bill would ban reimposition of Fairness Doctrine -- WASHINGTON, DC - The National Association of Broadcasters today applauded the introduction of the Broadcaster Freedom Act, legislation that would bar the reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine. A Senate version (S. [...]

OK! Jermaine Responds to GREG STREET (vid). Reads Street the Riot Act

Radio Facts: 10 points for Jermaine, he wraps the whole beef up by simply saying to Street "You saying I fell off....Catch Up!" Oh Shyt, that even hurt me! Point Made! [...]