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Charlamagne and Lil Duval Move to MTV for Nick Cannon Produced Show "Hatin'"

Radio Facts: Welcome to the art of self promotion radio people.... [...]

WHRK's Devin Steel: Stepping back to move forward

Radio Facts: The Tri State Defender wrote a great piece on PD Devin Steel a couple of days ago... (pictured: Devin and his wife Keysia) The Rumba Room on Main St. [...]

TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Radio One Legal Battle Brewing over Sam Sylk's move to...

Radio Facts: Sam Sylk is one helluva in-demand talent. Looks like Chicago really loves him and his recent move to WPWX-FM is not going to be a smooth move. [...]

OK! Jermaine Responds to GREG STREET (vid). Reads Street the Riot Act

Radio Facts: 10 points for Jermaine, he wraps the whole beef up by simply saying to Street "You saying I fell off....Catch Up!" Oh Shyt, that even hurt me! Point Made! [...]


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