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Jermaine Dupri, Young Joc, Mayor Kasim Reed Skating in Atlanta (pics)

Radio Facts: What is the deal with wearing sunglasses at night.....? PLEASE enlighten me.... ESPECIALLY at a skating rink where you can fall and bust your ass on that floor. Jermaine and Devyne Stephens skated with their shades on . [...]

OK! Jermaine Responds to GREG STREET (vid). Reads Street the Riot Act

Radio Facts: 10 points for Jermaine, he wraps the whole beef up by simply saying to Street "You saying I fell off....Catch Up!" Oh Shyt, that even hurt me! Point Made! [...]

V103’s Greg Street Says Jermaine Dupri is DEAD

Radio Facts: This is a personal situation folks. Watch both videos. Greg seems to have taken the statement personal. Yet, Greg makes some really good points here too. [...]


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