6 GREAT Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Health


We are not doctors so we strongly suggest that you see your doctor before trying any of these things. We do utilize most of these methods ourselves so we know they work… enjoy…

Lifting Weights Benefits Black Men’s Heart Health

A new study indicates a little weight training may go a long way toward helping improve the heart health of black men. Just six weeks of resistance exercise appears to have a positive impact on the blood levels of key indicators for inflammation, immune response and/or artery shape among black men.

Such indicators, or “markers,” are known to rise in conjunction with tissue damage, infection and stress. But after weight training, levels of two of the markers dropped in these patients, the researchers found.

However, while the association was observed among black men it was not found among white exercisers. This caveat tracked an earlier finding by the same research team that showed that while black men who lifted weights experienced a drop in an important post-injury/infection inflammation marker known as C-reactive protein, white men did not.

Baby Aspirin Benefits

Alzheimer’s is one of the most dreaded diseases on the planet and it’s a tremendous stress for anyone who has it and those who have to care for them but did you know that “¢ Aspirin (ASA): 81 mg per day (1 baby aspirin): deserves special mention because it may reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s by as much as 55 percent. It also has a unique blood-thinning ability, which helps to prevent stroke and heart attacks as well according to the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation


Ditch the TV Switch to Netflix Obesity Linked to Fast Food Advertising


I can personally attest to this. When I became a vegetarian last year, I stopped watching commercial television and switched to Netflix. I lost a ton of weight and when I started watching commercial television again, I gained it back.

TV commercials mostly those last night food commercials that always have great looking, in-shape people eating that horrific fat-laden Carl’s Jr. gooey cheese and triple meat with massive stroke sauce crap leaves an indelible footprint on one’s subconscious. That you can eat that crap and look and be healthy. I don’t think so.

The next time you’re in Carl’s Jr. take a look at the REAL people who eat in there and you won’t see the models, you will most likely see 400 pound bison with their baby bisons at the counter.

Have you noticed that you are usually craving what you saw in a commercial the night before or before that. This study further reveals how it affects our children to inthe American Academy of Pediatrics site


Wanna Change your life, change your brain. Meditation is the key to an amazing level of stress free living. I can also attest to this. I meditate everyday and when I don’t I IMMEDIATELY notice the difference in my stress levels. I started practicing meditation a couple of years ago when I found myself to be incredibly stressed doing this blog. Getting so much bad news, layoffs, deaths, homeless industry people, sick industry people and I would protect the privacy of those people and it took a toll on me.

Practicing meditation allowed me to balance things out and to not focus on the negative aspects of the industry as I did then. There is a new meditation called Transcendental mediation that is pretty much used by celebrities and it’s VERY expensive to learn. You can meditate for FREE and get the same benefit. FYI, Yoga and working out offer the same benefits as they open the floodgates to the feel good receptors in the brain called dopamine. More information is available from a   study on the site: Psychiatric Research Neuroimaging


Maintain and Nurture Face to Face Friendships

Social networking has exploded to the point that’s it’s the sole connection many people have to others. Some of the postings are pretty interesting: “Hello Facebook Family” and “Goodnight Facebook Family” There are literally some people who are on Facebook ALL DAY LONG.

I was listening to a show on PBS that stated MOST people on Facebook are desperately seeking validation. YIKES. I have been guilty of this too but it’s outrageously obvious when people constantly change their profile picture in an effort to get compliments from their FB friends like “Stunning,” “You look so young,” “Still looking good after all these years…” etc.

Where does that leave us in our personal lives? The Mayo Clinic thinks it’s unhealthy to maintain social networking as the main way we connect with others. Having quality people physically in your life that you can TRUST plays a greater and move vital role in your heath. Read more about it here.

Take a Walk After Your Biggest Meal to Control and Lose Weight

There is a joke in the black community that we are always ready to go to bed after eating a big meal, actually it’s not a joke it’s the truth, our glucose levels are through the roof and we come crashing down but studies show that taking a brisk walk after a meal can no only lower your glucose but help to process the meal and help you lose weight. This is something that I have personally been doing for years and the LAST thing you want to do is walk after eating but it bears incredible benefits, read more about it   in the National Library of Medicine


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