ANA Shares AURN’s “Top 5 Reasons for Using Diverse-Owned Media Outlets”


On February 15th, 2023, at the opening panel of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Media Conference in Orlando, FL, a question was asked that had a resounding impact on the conference attendees.

The panel entitled “Investment With Diverse Media Suppliers” was moderated by Bill Duggan, Group EVP for the ANA, and was joined by Mark Prince, SVP, Head of Economic Empowerment at Dentsu Media, and Andy Anderson, CRO for American Urban Radio Networks.

“Why hasn’t the investment in diverse-owned media caught up with the interest from the advertising community?” was one of the questions raised. And it was then that Mr. Anderson responded with his Top 5 Reasons for Using Diverse-Owned Media Outlets.

These are:
5) Goodwill,
4) Reach,
3) Authenticity,
2) Share &
1) Profit.

“Brands need to understand that doing business as usual will not work anymore. As the demographic of this country is changing so is the mindset of a more diverse and savvy consumer,” says Mr. Anderson. “Forward thinking companies will utilize this knowledge to advance the brands market share and profitability.”


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