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Winners Announced Jan 5, 2012

These are the shows getting the MOST Votes IS YOUR SHOW ON HERE? It's not too late…

91.3 FM

96.7 the Block in Elizabeth City

99 jamz 2-6pm

Afternoon Jump Off

ARISE! For Women



Boers and Bernstein

Brian Sizemore

Brion O'Brion

Cafe Mocha Show

Chicago's Gamenight ““ ESPN Chicago

Chris Base

Chris Kelly Show

Cool Vibes with Sandi Mallory

D.J. Bishop

Digging in the Crates

Dime Time Radio

DJ baby yu

DJ Bijal's Everywhere Radio

DJ Bishop presents Enter the Eclectic

DJ Dimepiece

DJ Gemini

Fattz & Cher Morning Show

Frank & Wanda


Graveyard Shift

GroovinU Lounge on Rez Radio KOPA 91.3FM

Guy Brody in the morning

Hometeam Morning Show

Howard Stern Show

Ill Side Radio

In the Groove

Inspiration A.M. 1390

J.Hood and Jarrett Payton

J.R Bang Morning Show

Jay King Blog Radio Show

Jay Lang

Jazz Menagerie

Jazzpirations w/Shannon Rice

Jeannie Jones & DJ Gemini

Jonathon Hood

Joyce Littel Show

Kasper Show

Kelder Summers and Lebron Joseph

Kendall Dixon

Kings in the Morning

Kissing After Dark

KJ Show

Kool Gold 96.7 WANV

Ladies Night 98.7 Kiss fm

Lincoln Ware Show

Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas

Mac & Amiche Show

Malani Kai Show

Marcellus Bassman Shepard

Michael Baisden Show

Middays with Egypt

Minnesota Fattz and Cher Best

Morning Riot

Neechy Radio

Private Room

Pro Flow Radio Show

Rescued Nation Radio

Ricky Smiley

Roland Bynum Show

Russ Parr Morning Show

Sarah Spain

Sheryl Abbott

Skip Murphy and Co


Staci Static

Steve Harvey Morning SHow

UB Rodriguez Show

V103 Doug Banks Show

Valentine in the morning

Waddle and Silvy

WEAA 88.9FM in Baltimore


Windy City UG

WSER Sassy Entertainment Radio

WWMR Radio

Here's what Voters are saying about some of the radio shows….

Very entertaining.

The show's entertaining and informative.   He's got a funny voice, too.  

Because of Brion O' Brion of coarse!!

“The only nationally syndicated radio show that speaks from a female perspective that is music driven with topical conversations.

I like his show because he plays the latest R& B and hip-hop music music there is. He keeps the city of Chicago up to date about current events in the news and media. He's a really lively person when he's on the air.His show plays during rush hour traffic and during the commute if you listen to his show it helps to put your driving frustration at ease. He also gives out prizes for people and also sponsors a lot of events for different communities around the Chicago area.   I think that UB should be in the Top Ten radio shows because he entertains the community with the music and also serves the community that supports him as a Radio personality.

Her personality comes through the microphone!

The show plays smooth jazz from 2pm – 5pm. The   The show comes on at a time at a time in my day when I need to relax my mind. The “Bassman” is Jazz savvy and   plays a perfect combination of classical, old school and today's contemporary jazz. It's the perfect solution to end my day.

Plays all the right music for an afternoon Groove..rather its sunny, rainy, cold, snowy or just a perfect day…the music is on…love listening to him and often give him a “shout out” to let him know how much I enjoy what he is doing!!

Smooth music

Hip hop beats along with R&B. I love the format. The Radio Station keeps you dancing right out of your seats.

There is a wide variety of music and no repeats in the show. New and upcoming artists are also featured.

He is always very informative and intelligent

A variety of good music and no repeats

Cuz he's so cool and great voice!



Very Informative and entertaining

Because Cher is a RIOT!! She is in perfect and rare form every day.

I love listening to him interviewing his guests

great personalities, diverse, the number one show in the South Florida tri county and the whole team is amazing!

Lorenzo is a High Energy personality that really connects with the music. He keeps it real   and not affraid to ask the questions we want to know when he has guests.

He has the best energy and LOVES his listeners!

He is an amazing DJ & interviewer. Love the variety of music the Radio Station plays. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST…99 JAMZ/WEDR SHOULD WIN!

His show is smooth and relaxing.

It's a fun, uplifting information show.

Hip , exciting, fast paced and informative!!

She's a female who isn't afraid to address the hard topics and to call it like it is.   She keeps it upbeat and positive and she has a great person-DJ Cudy to do the 5pm mix on the way home.   It's a complete show.   It's not funny like Ricky Smiley but it has it's own niche.  

He is the best…Love listening to him.   He rocks the mike:-)

great music and interviews

Lorenzo is an amazing on air personality!!!

Chris is extremely knowledgeable about his topics. He's well-prepared, thorough and hilarious! He has a lot of personality.

It's energetic and informative.

Love it!

I love the content, the music is great and The host is Hilarious!


Lorenzo Thomas is a great entertainer on-air and in person. He is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.

When I visit the Miami area, which is frequently…I have the opportunity to hear a great radio deejay (from WEDR/99 Jamz) doing what he does best! He's spunky, knowledgeable of the industry & provides great music for all!

I like it because Lorenzo Ice-Tea always keeps it fresh and   entertaining, Also, he does a great job when interviewing the celebrity guest.

I been following him for bout 15 years he done came a long way and he's a great MC if not the best in the country!!

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