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Woman’s Husband Speaks Out After she was Found Dead in a Restaurant Bathroom (video)

A woman visiting and dining at Jasper’s restaurant in Prince George’s County, MD, apparently had a heart attack and died in the restaurant’s bathroom. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the restaurant from still serving customers and even seating patrons as they waited for the paramedics and coroner to arrive and even after they arrived.

The woman’s body was taken out of a side door of the restaurant, and the establishment remained open throughout the ordeal.

The woman’s bathroom was closed and the men’s bathroom became unisex during the investigation and efforts to revise the woman. 

When customers found out what had taken place while they were eating at the establishment, they were stunned and expressed dismay. The restaurant later apologized and announced that they thought they were doing the right thing. At press time, the family of the woman has not been contacted.

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