Possible Human Remains Found at Florida Home After Man Turns Himself in During Home Invasion


    Deputies in Florida say they have found possible human remains in a home where a couple was bound and detained.

    According to NBC affiliate WTLV, during a Friday news conference, Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook told reporters that the gruesome discovery was made at the home in the 1500 block of County Road 315.

    Cook told the network: “We’ve uncovered what could potentially be human remains. I do not know how long these remains have been there, other than they have been there for a while.”

    Aubrey Lumpkin, 46, the home invasion suspect claimed he buried someone in the area, she added.

    Cook told WTLV: “Mr. Lumpkin made a lot of statements that night and we’re taking every statement he made and running it down.”

    According to WTLV, the remains have yet to be identified.

    In the same home, an elderly couple was tied up and held against their will. The finding represents a major development in the case.

    Lumpkin allegedly broke into the home and held the couple hostage, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

    On April 11, Lumpkin called officers, and told them he “needed to confess something,” Cook told reporters on Tuesday.

    Lumpkin told police: “I’m a piece of s***. I need medical attention out here for this elderly couple. I’m turning myself in,” according to WTLV.

    Repeatedly, Lumpkin said he had buried someone in the house, Cook added.

    When police arrived, they discovered the tied-up couple in the back of the house. They had been there for two days.

    Emergency services were called and the couple was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, shortly after they were found.

    According to NBC affiliate WFLA, the couple suffered malnourishment, dehydration, and, infections.

    According to CCSO inmate information, Lumpkin had been arrested on April 11 and charged with home invasion with a firearm or other deadly weapon.

    He is due in court on May 16 and is currently being held on a $200,006 bond the information line added.


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