Lous And The Yakuza Releases Debut Album “Gore”

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Belgian-Congolese recording artist and activist Lous and the Yakuza has released her debut album Gore today on Columbia Records. Gore is a 10-track album delivered entirely in French and produced by Spain’s El Guincho(Rosalia). 

Gore tracklist:
1. Dilemme
2. Bon Acteur
3. Téléphone Sonne
4. Dans la Hess 
5. Tout est Gore
6. Amigo
7. Messes Basses
8. Courant d’Air
9. Quatre heures Du Matin
10. Solo
With El Guincho, Lous has created a timeless album that speaks to her unique identity both as a person and as an artist. She explores many themes including resistance, resilience, sexuality and beauty. Her use of Congolese rumba rhythms work perfectly with El Guincho’s own Latin heritage.

Together they fuse what many would consider irreconcilable sounds, from the smooth trap beats and electropop to heavier hip-hop influence. The multiplicity of Lous’ music inspirations also reflects her persona: a plural woman, oscillating between solitude and multitude, soft and fierce, happiness and despair.
Lous arose a year ago with the striking “Dilemme” (35M streams), followed by “Tout  Est  Gore”,  “Solo”, and more recently “Amigo.” Wendy Morgan’s visual interpretation of those tracks into music videos have been a globally acclaimed journey into Lous’ universe. Lous also stood out with her enchanted performance of “Bon Acteur” at COLORS STUDIO.



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