Janishia Jones launches ENCORE Music Tech Solutions – with EMPIRE as first client

janishia jones

ENCORE Music Tech Solutions is announcing its recent relationship with EMPIRE Publishing, the new company’s first enterprise customer. Founded by experienced royalties/rights management specialist and systems architect Janishia Jones, ENCORE Music Tech Solutions is working to ensure EMPIRE’s business systems are ready for the next era of tech transformation.

“I am thrilled to work with EMPIRE to streamline their business processes and build the tools they need,” says Jones. “This relationship validates ENCORE Music Tech Solutions’ ability to produce high level products and demonstrates EMPIRE’s commitment to supporting diversity in music and tech.”

ENCORE Music Tech Solutions has helped create crucial systems for EMPIRE Publishing, including solutions to better manage agreements, financial accounts, and copyrights.

Jones launched ENCORE Music Tech Solutions after a decade of hands-on experience at some of the biggest names in music and publishing, including Motown, eOne, and Kobalt. She sees a significant gap between the demands of music business processes and the tech required to manage them. As the pace of innovation increases, the need to address this gap grows. 

“As we edge toward web3, there’s an urgency to figuring out how to define and incorporate new technology into the business so major players can be part of this era,” Jones explains. “Some of the larger music companies I have worked with were bogged down with antiquated systems. Sometimes, they haven’t done much development work since the 1990s.”

From startups to storied major labels, “Rights management is a huge issue across the board,” notes Jones, “And with decentralized platforms emerging, figuring out how to organize data and streamline workflows is a primary focus.” Along with large music companies, ENCORE Music Tech Solutions plans to consult with a wide range of businesses that need new tools and new knowhow in managing data and rights. 

Beyond support for her clients, Jones, a woman of color, hopes to use ENCORE Music Tech Solutions to shine a light on another important issue facing the music industry: the lack of BIPOC at the intersection of music and technology. “Part of my mission is to bring awareness to the operations and tech side, where you don’t see many people of color, but where you can often find a work/life balance you don’t see on the creative side,” Jones says. “By launching a black-owned consultancy, I can make an impact and work to change this.”


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