Sean Woods

Sean-D, a Daytona Beach, Florida native has done more, during his short time in the business, than most have during their entire careers. Getting his start as a volunteer for WANM 90.5FM, Sean has proven that he has the guts, charm and talent to hang with the big boys in the industry. After working strictly as an on-air personality for a year, Sean’s talents were recognized as he was promoted to Music Director; a year to the position of Program Director. After serving in that position, he was then promoted once again to the position of Operations Manager of WANM, which he held for six years.Radio, which Sean began as way to stay out of trouble, has quickly been recognized as his true calling. He was the host of the #1 drive time show in Tallahassee and also a proud alumnus of FAMU, Sean holds a B.S. in Public Relations and uses his people skills to reach all of his listeners. A permanent fixture in the FAMU community, Sean-D has hosted numerous on-campus activities, from the largest events down to the smallest ones; all for his listeners. Along with having a slew of faithful followers, all of who tuned in just to hear his signature laugh and comedic style, Sean-D has had the opportunity to expand his “You Can’t Hate Sean-D” slogan to the entire Tallahassee community.

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