Ebro in the Morning Talks to Tisha Campbell About Work, Family, and Still Being Called “Gina” (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning talked to Tisha Campbell about work, family, and still being called Gina. Campbell appeared as a guest on the Ebro in the Morning Show. Ebro asked Campbell how many people still call her Gina. She answered, many. Her son still calls her by that name.

    “I like it because we would have never thought that it would still be… people will still like this show,” said Campbell.

    Both Campbell and Ebro agreed that the show “Martin” was legendary. Campbell said the show was still relevant and when people approach her, the singer does not mind.

    Campbell said that she has been through a lot with comedian Martin, but their relationship is in a great place now. Campbell said she is ecstatic that the actors were able to come together and show people their “family.”

    Campbell talked about her new show “Uncoupled.” She said it is very fresh and very new. Campbell said the show talks about “inclusivity” and “representation.” Campbell said that she was grateful for the show.

    Campbell talked about her children. She said they are “So dope.” One of her children is 20 and is studying to be an animal conservationist. She said that he works two jobs. Campbell said her children sees how hard she works and how she thinks of them.

    She said she also has a child that is soon to be 13. She said her son is amazing and funny. She added that her child possesses incredible discernment. The veteran actress said her son struggled in elementary because he was diagnosed with ADHD. Now that he’s in middle school, he is doing much better and gets A’s and B’s.

    Campbell said she has had many great times in her career. One of them was working on “Little Shop of Horrors“ because she got to work with her friend to Tichina Arnold. Martin was one of her favorite acting jobs as well because she was also able to work with Arnold again. She said it was hard to choose her favorite acting moment.

    Ebro said he expected the trend-setting entertainer not to be able to choose because it’s oftentimes hard for artists to pick a favorite show or movie that they’ve worked on.

    Campbell said she was not impacted in any way when Q-tip referenced her on his song “Find a Way” when he said teasing me like Gina did Martin, said Ebro. The vocalist said she never thought about the song.


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