Ebro in the Morning Says Iman Shumpert “Played” Himself After Recent Drug Arrest (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning said Iman Shumpert “played” himself after a recent drug arrest. Shumpert was arrested for having a sizable amount of marijuana at the Dallas Fort Worth airport on Saturday, said Laura Stylez. Authorities said that the substance weighed over 6 ounces. Shumpert was concerned about missing his flight to see his daughter and was stopped from doing so.

    “They were like, sorry fam; you won’t be making that flight. They told him straight up,” said Stylez.

    The ballplayer was placed under arrest right away. The charge is classified as a state jail felony, meaning he could face up to a $10,000 fine, informed Stylez. A Glock magazine, and 14 9mm bullets were found, but no gun.

    Ebro says those items are not what a person would want in their bag, but it is better than a loaded gun. The NBA player “played” himself by getting caught with the illegal items. Rosenberg said getting arrested is a hassle and not something he would want to do. Stylez said she was arrested and went to jail in Mexico. The charges were for lighting illegal fireworks on the beach and smoking weed.

    The cast agreed that visiting “booking” was not a hard thing to do. Hopping the train could land a person a visit to the unpleasant place.

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