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Ebro in the Morning Talks to Tink and Hitmaka About Mental Health in the Music Industry, Tink’s New Song, and More (VIDEO)

Ebro in the Morning talked to Tink and Hitmaka about mental health in the music industry, Tink’s new album, and more. Tink and Hitmaka stopped by Ebro in the Morning. Laura Stylez said Tink did “Who’s Next” in 2015. At the time, Tink was signed to Epic records with Timbaland. The talented artist said she wasn’t being her best self at that time. There were many behind-the-scenes issues with her album’s release, especially regarding miscommunication.

“I felt like that was a time when I wasn’t really being my best self. We made an album behind the scenes. There was a lot of, I guess, miscommunication, and being under a label, I felt like they didn’t really understand my vision. So you know, ultimately, it just kinda held me back a little,” said Tink.

Tink explained that when she was young her contract was not the best. Ebro said sometimes that happens and record labels can give out loans to artists, and that can cause issues. Tink is an independent artist, and she has more creativity. She has a new song coming out, “Pillow Talk,” she added.

The music industry has not always been easy for Tink, and in 2017, she stepped away from the limelight to give herself a mental break. She felt at the time she was in a stagnant place, and during the break, she was able to regroup, get a new team, and start over again.

Hitmaka was impressed by Tink’s accomplishments. He said she owns her catalog and streaming and has a cult-based fan following. He said he worked at Atlantic Records for four years before Empire Records bought out his contract and came to work with them. The talented artist said he had a successful career with Atlantic and had sold 40 million records while with them, so it was not an easy decision to leave.

The rapper has had a lot of success with Empire Records and dropped many hits, including the number one album he made with Tink. Tink said that was a year ago, and now she has new music, which is a quick turnaround.

Producing music is all about empowering people, said Hitmaker. At the beginning of his career as a producer, it was difficult for him to get “pulled in” to the business. He says now that he is in every conversation and in every room, he wants to pull as many people into the game as possible.

Ebro said it is a victory for Tink to be in a place as an artist where she is independent and able to pay her bills through making music. Even though Tink’s music career has had twists and turns, Ebro said she is still in the game. Ebro and Tink agreed that it is a “win” to be able to do what she is doing. Tink said her success is something that she does not take for granted.

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