Earvin “Magic” Johnson to Rally Community Behind Efforts to Boost High School Graduation and Job Opportunities


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When presented with the fact that more than 20 percent of high school students do not graduate, Earvin “Magic” Johnson helped to establish an innovative educational program designed to maximize the potential of high school students who are at risk of completing their education or have dropped out.

On Tuesday, April 8, Mr. Johnson will be in Durham to visit and meet the students at the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy located at the Holton Career and Resource Center, 401 North Driver Street in Durham. He will arrive at the Academy at 10:30 a.m. He will be joined by Thom Jackson, EdisonLearning President and CEO and Jose Nino, Executive Director of One World Literacy Foundation (OWL).

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“I look forward to this visit, since it represents a unique commitment by the Durham Public Schools to advance the belief that every student – given the right tools, support and environment – is capable of exceeding expectations and completing a high school education,” said Thom Jackson.
In partnership with the Durham Public Schools, the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy is offered through a strategic alliance between Magic Johnson Enterprises and EdisonLearning, a leading international educational services provider. The program offers students a unique learning experience outside the traditional classroom setting, including online learning and one-on-one and small group instruction.

“Our goal is to ensure that no student falls through the cracks, and that all students have the opportunity to receive their high school diplomas and be fully prepared for college or the workplace,” Mr. Johnson said.

During his visit, Mr. Johnson will introduce strategic “Friends of Magic” program partner One World Literacy Foundation and promote the efforts of “Friends of Magic”, a network of individuals, foundations and companies whose mission is to provide students who are at risk or have dropped out the resources and assistance they need to not only graduate high school, but the opportunity to build their future through educational resources, internships and real world experiences.
“Friends of Magic are putting resources where they are needed the most and we are excited to have One World Literacy Foundation as a partner who will help us make this a reality. This includes providing scholarships, mentoring programs, and internships that propel each and every high school graduate toward their goals,” Mr. Johnson said.

One World Literacy Foundation is proud to align our work with the vision of EdisonLearning and Mr. Johnson and the mission of Friends of Magic. We are proud to be able to provide a vehicle that will provide scholarships to deserving young men and women,” said Jose Nino.
Mr. Johnson’s appearance provides an opportunity for community leaders, foundations and companies to immediately impact the lives of Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy students by contributing to the Friends of Magic scholarship program and pledging a commitment to provide internships.

“From my perspective as a business-person, I understand that no issue is more crucial to business than a healthy economy and job market, and the education and support we provide to our next generation of leaders will be the difference between our success and failure.” said Mr. Johnson.

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