Singer on Intervention with Alcohol Addiction


Radio Facts: You don’t see this every day but we have to give KUDOS to Robbie Pardio for admitting he had a serious problem with alcohol a few years ago. He shows the other side of the music industry that many people never see. Robbie appeared on Intervention in 2010 (below) there is little information on him online after that.

City High’s biggest hit was “Caramel” several years ago. As with many groups, longevity and stability are not promised. The three members formed the group while still in high school in New Jersey. After a few hits, the group disbanded in 2003, and members Ryan Toby and Claudette Ortiz married while Robbie Pardio went in another direction.  Robbie also dated Claudette during the group’s tenure. Claudette talks about the group under the first video.


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