Kevin Samuels Says Black Woman is so Big You Can Hear the Cholesterol in her voice (video)


Kevin Samuels continues to gain legions of black male fans while continuing to upset many black women. The irony of it is his black female fan base is actually growing now with women, according to him, thanking him for being so honest and helping them to understand the problems that they bring to the table.

In this segment, Kevin makes several points about the role of Black women and what it should be vs what Black women think it is. He surmises that single women keep women single. And that if a woman wants a high-value man she has to bring something to the table vs expecting him to bring everything to the table. His comments don’t sit well with this woman who he tells her role is not to be in front of or beside the man but behind him.

The woman disagrees and Kevin Samuels asks her what if someone was breaking into her house, do you expect your husband to check it out or will you be in front of him or beside him. She says she would be beside him. At that point, Kevin tells her that her role in that situation is not to be beside her husband but to make sure that the children are OK.

Hear this episode from that’s still making the round on the socials. A woman in the background encourages the woman on the screen to hang up. Kevin then asks, “Is that Big Shirley?” then he hangs up and says he can hear the cholesterol in her voice.


  1. Well the brotha is tryna give you something to work with the attitude and your health why get offended if the shoe fits then hey what you plan on doing about it.

  2. This is really sad. Like black women don’t have enough people devaluing our skills, heart, and looks. A black man like this, who has the opportunity to lift up our women and our culture, uses it instead to tear the black woman down. So you target plus sized women by their VOICE? I will bet on all that I have, that a plus sized Black woman has raised you, taught you, or loved you. Your comment is a slap in the face to them, and ignorant. There are thin people in the world who have high cholesterol too, you uneducated dummy.
    You are a disgrace. Always quick to demand respect, while discriminating and disrespecting the people who support you. What a waste of an opportunity to lift others up. The hurt you put out in the world always comes back to you. Remember that.

  3. I see why I don’t listen to shows about relationships, especially pertaining to black men and women. Some of the things he is saying is truthful other things are absolutely ridiculous. Even though I will say some black women need to take a serious look at themselves and their friends to see why black women have the lowest marriage rate of different racial groups.


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