DL Hughley Says Parents of Uvalde, Texas Elementary School Massacre Deserve More Justice than a Half-Finished Gate and Ineffective Police Officers (VIDEO)


    DL Hughley said parents of the Uvalde, Texas school massacre deserved more justice than a half-finished gate and ineffective police officers. Hughley said the children have returned to school at Robb Elementary School. He said their resilience is a testament to what people are willing to do to make a bad situation better.

    The school started with bulletproof glass, a gate that was not complete, and more police officers. However, Hughley said the school has already tried the more police officers approach. There were hundreds of cops present when nearly two dozen schoolchildren were slaughtered in May.

    Parents are now faced with sending their children back to school with no significant improvement. The only change is that the police chief has been let go. Hughley said those parents of Texas deserve an answer. The school can do more for them than provide more officers and a half-finished gate.

    Hughley said the 911 tapes and all information regarding the shooting should be released to parents. Parents deserve more justice for what happened to their children. Perhaps criminal charges would make the situation better.

    “Isn’t it horrible that those parents don’t even know if some of those very people who are guarding them now failed them miserably on the 24th of May,” said Hughley.

    The progress in Texas is nothing more than activity without accomplishment. Hughley argues that not giving parents all access to the circumstances surrounding the shootings, such as not releasing the 911 tapes, is further traumatizing to them. For all the promises made to the parents of Uvalde, Texas, the parents there have only received more police officers and a half-finished gate.

    Hughley noted that some of the law enforcement hired to protect the children this year could have been the same officers that failed them the day their classmates were killed. Hughley said parents need and deserve more answers than that.


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