Howard Hewett Apologizes to Jody Watley After 40 Years (video) Also, Unsung Full Episode


There is no secret that there is no love lost between former Shalamar bandmates Howard Hewett and Jody Watley. The group endured massive success in the late 70s to mid-80s and after Jody left she became a superstar in her own right but she and Howard Hewett were not friends and there was friction between them. Now the truth is revealed as to what happened. It’s never too late to come clean about our wrongdoings. KUDOS to Howard for apologizing to Jody Watley after telling her she would never be sh without Shalamar. “The enemy’s biggest playground is in the darkness” See his recent interview on Vlad TV

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  1. Kind of ridiculous to expect Jody to accept an apology for him saying she wasn’t shit . Certainly , she wouldn’t think it acceptable. . What’s glaringly obvious is neither Howard or the current rendition of Shalamar can garner any media attention on their own merits . Thus the continuous attachment to Jody’s notoriety with the fake ” there’s a beef ” narrative .


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