Chicago Homicide Rate is Down but Thousands Still Shot This Year


MET-AJ-1-STREET-GANGS-1003“19 year old man shot in South Shore,””18 year old and 26 year old shot in Chatham,””3 shot, 1 fatally, in North Kenwood X,””3 teens seriously wounded in shooting near South Side park”Headlines like these appear far too often in Chicago newspapers. They say the homicide rate in Chicago is down from last year but the city is still the highest in all of the country at this time. They say’only” 355 people have been murdered in the city but isn’t one murder too many? That is a rhetorical question. What they don’t tell you is that 1952 have actually been shot this year.There are some efforts in place to try and correct this problem but honestly we aren’t doing enough. I could go on and on about what is causing the problem but Chicago and other inner cities really need solutions. We live in a country where we constantly teach kids to compromise and try to settle problems without fighting or resorting to violence yet our congress allowed the government to shut down because they can’t agree and politics trumps the people.  We are involved in so many wars that there are too many to count.  That is not to give those living in impoverished communities and excuse for their behavior but if you are surviving and not living, your options sometimes seem limited whether that is the case or not. Unfortunately what it would take, I don’t think the government, the police, nor the people are willing to do it. I’m just saying.


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