Whatever Happened to Divine Brown? (Hugh Grant prostitution encounter) You might be surprised!


Divine Brown doesn’t look anything like a hooker these days. Yes, there’s still the big hair and the big lips of which Hugh Grant was so enamoured. Oh, and the red painted toes (more of which later). But these days, there’s a 21-month-old baby on her hip, a fiancé and a pretty home in the suburbs with – wait for it – a white picket fence. Divine, you see, claims to have cleaned herself up and straightened herself out since police caught her… well, let’s say, hard at work with the actor in Los Angeles’s red light district 15 years ago.

“˜That was the trick that changed my life, honey,’ she says. “˜The event that earned me a million dollars.’

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1306866/As-Hugh-Grant-hits-50-track-Divine-Brown–LA-hooker-wrecked-image-lost-Liz-Hurley.html#ixzz13fWgLLFh

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