Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Most people are familiar with Irv Gotti as the face of Murder Inc. records but Chris Gotti is Irv's older  brother that founded the company alongside Irv.  The younger of the two siblings, Irv,  had the vision and Chris helped him carry it out. After 30 years in the game, Chris stopped by Power 105.1 to chop it up with Angie Martinez and share his valued knowledge. With a new venture under his belt, where he aids independent artists with building their brands, Chris dropped a few jewels on Angie Martinez about the current state of the music industry.He challenged Angie to name one artist that has been broken by a record label in the last 5 years that hadn't already broken themselves and Angie struggled to answer the answer the question. That speaks volumes in itself.Chris also talked about all the 50 Cent and Meek Mill drama along with The Inc's past beef with 50 Cent. Watch the clip below to see what else Chris had to say about the rise and fall of Murder Inc.

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