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Two Thugs Start Fight with Man in Store, Get Beaten up by EVERY man in the store (vid)


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These thugs had no idea of … (laugh)… what was going to happen when they tried to punk one man down. I'm sorry, we need to see a LOT more of this from other men stepping up to the plate.   In this video there are no guns just a straight up fist fight and the end result is hilarious as every man in the store is obviously sick of this sh… and shows these thugs their proper place.

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  1. to the dude who just said he wants everyone with guns.. what the fuck are you retarded????? so instead of a fight, a couple of dead victims? do you not think that if those two idiots were stupid enough to start a fight, that they wouldn’t pull the strap out and just shoo the jersey kid who beat the shit out of one of them?
    this is EXACTLY why guns should stay the fuck ou.

  2. This video gives me renewed faith in mankind, the bullies thought it was a black and white thing. It was a human thing, these brothers behaved like shepards and stepped up to the plate, it didn’t matter if the guy was white, wrong is wrong. #25 and all the other guys gave him an old school ass whooping like they should have been getting at home. They will think real hard about starting up some shit like this again.

  3. Number 25 gave them the business……Dude should be a body guard or a boxer. He was hitting them with some hammer’s……..LOL LOL LOL


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