6-Year-Old Girl Struck with Stray Bullet After Being Caught in a Crossfire


    A 6-year-old girl was struck with a stray bullet after being caught in a crossfire. While on a family bike ride in southern Minneapolis, the child was shot Monday evening.

    At about 5:15 p.m., the Minneapolis Police Department said the intense shootout began. It happened close to the intersection of 18th Avenue South and East 24th Street, just south of East Phillips Park. According to investigators, the youngster was caught in the crossfire between the two men at 24th street and struck with a bullet. No one else was injured in the gunfire.

    Police interviewed witnesses at the scene. However, no one was identified in the shooting, and no arrest was made.

    Donna Bredow and her six-year-old grandson were at the park when the carnage erupted.

    “At first, I thought it was firecrackers, then I kept hearing more and more, and it wouldn’t stop. Somebody said it was like one of those handguns, something like that. Not a handgun, but one of those automatics,” Bredow said. “I knew afterwards what happened because people were just scattering everywhere.”

    The grandmother recalled her grandson’s reaction to the shooting. He expressed his gratitude that they were not hurt.

    “He just kept saying, ‘We didn’t die, we didn’t get shot grandma, we’re OK,’ stuff like that,” she said.


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