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Barryer with Singer/Entrepreneur Usher while she worked at Arista records.

RadioFacts is sad to report that industry vet Vanessa G. Barryer died this week. I always liked Vanessa and loved her spirit. I met Vanessa several times and got to hang out with her at a few industry conferences back in the day. Who can forget her famous line when her beeper went off on stage at a conference “Hmm, must be a booty call!” (lol).

She was very bold in her approach and didn’t give AF about the overly conservative stuffy ass gassed up fake industry people most of whom are either out of the industry or no longer with us (who are now FORCED to accept that there are people from all walks of life that work in the industry) thought.

I LOVED that about her. She was ahead of her time. For some, she may have been TOO much to bear but for others, she did it her way. Phuck the stuffy conservatives Vanessa who do everything but go home to their wives (…. or side hoes with matted wigs, cleaning ladies, Walmart cashiers who bring last night’s fried chicken to work in old aluminum foil or side thugs named “Inmate 45326” that keep texting’ “Sup Big Homee, Imma need some mo Capn Krunch”). Rest in power baby and continue to give em hell by being YOU!!! OK I know it seems that I went really harsh but at the end of the day all I’m saying is LIVE and LET live. Worry about YOU.

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