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The world has become obsessed with headphones, especially those that come with a celebrity endorsement but are those the Best Headphone Brands or simply quick sells?

While I have a preference for Sony headphones and have used them the entire time I was on the air, there are others you should check out for use on the air for the best dj headphones or for podcast headphones and voiceover. Let's pull the celebrity endorsements out of the equation and focus on quality first. But we want to focus on quality first. Click NEXT above or below to see our next pic for best headphones


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  1. Really, Beats? They are nothing more than an overpriced necklace. Any self-respecting individual would avoid this horrible list.

  2. Really? NONE OF THESE come even close to a good pair of studio headphones like SHURE or something…..maybe the Steinhauser are good for listening to music in general, but nothing beats a good studio mic for real sound. They all look like overpriced “Cool toys” to me. Sorry gotta disagree…these are rated by what someone thinks is cool…not real quality sound…in my opinion.


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