That Time Lil Mama Crashed Jay Z’s Stage (vid)


Radio Facts: Originally posted Oct 12, 2009 – Lil Mama’s defense of being caught up in the moment worked for a while but in this video, it is extremely apparent that Beyonce tried to stop her from going onstage and disrespecting Jay Z and Alicia’s performance.

This discredits the rapper/choreographer even more and makes the act look even more disrespectful. Word is Jay Z LOST it backstage that night asking where security was. She claims she has tried numerous times to reach Jay Z and Alicia to no avail. Can’t say we blame them for not returning her calls.



  1. If Beyonce really wanted to have stopped Lil Mama from getting on stage and wrecking her husband’s performance, she should have went into security mode and opted for the wrestling hold referred to as the Full Nelson. That slows people down all the time…I’m kidding but Beyonce should have had a better grip on her if that was the case. Heck, I’m surprised that Jay-Z had enough control to not Lil Mama as he did some woman back stage not very long ago.

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