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White Cop Cries Over Pressure on Cops Right Now

The world right now is arguably tough for many people. This year alone we are still enduring COVID-19, police brutality, racism, systemic racism, protests, looting, riots, Karen’s gone wild, mass shootings, hangings labeled as “suicides,” and an astronomical amount of deaths around the world. While many are focused on public lynchings of Black people and the PTSD that exists in communities of color due to the historical systemic racism that still defines this country, there are others who feel sorry for police and the negative light that is being shined upon them at the moment.

In this video, the officer feels that this is a very tough time for officers right now. After not receiving her drive-thru order in a timely manner she became suspicious and was brought to tears due to all the pressure on cops right now. Everyone has the right to feel the way they feel and some may agree with her while some may think she needs to get over it. Does she have a point or does she need to understand that her fear is possibly the result of the violence and punishment the police have inflicted on the Black community for centuries coming to light? Check out the clip.



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