Woman is Arrested in Florida Couple’s Retirement Community Murders


    The murders of an elderly couple in Florida on New Year’s Eve have been solved by authorities. Their killer was caught driving the victim’s car in Georgia.

    According to authorities, Vickie Lynn Williams, 50 was taken into custody Monday in Savannah. Williams is currently being extradited to Florida and accused of murdering Darryl Getman (83), and Sharon Getman (80). The incident took place in their Mount Dora home at Waterman Villages Retirement Community.

    Mount Dora police officers claim that Williams was an unknown person to the couple and that their deaths seem to have been random. On Tuesday, Michael Gibson, interim police chief, told reporters that Williams, a Savannah resident, had no connection to Mount Dora or Central Florida.

    After a neighbor reported that their garage door was unlocked, the bodies of the Getmans were discovered Saturday. The cause of their death is not known.

    Gibson stated that Williams was charged with grand theft auto for the Kia Soul they reported as being stolen from their home. Additional charges are still pending.

    On Wednesday, the victims’ adult children released a statement that was obtained from WFTV Orlando.

    Brittany and Anthony Getman stated that they are “shocked, devastated, and heartbroken” by the murder of their parents. We haven’t found the words to express what happened and how it affected our family and community.

    The Getmans were married for 58-years and had lived in Mount Dora about 20 years. They were “enjoying the golden years of staying active and spending quality time with their many friends,” the statement stated.

    Gibson stated that most people have dreams of living their “golden years” in retirement.

    “In this instance, the golden years Darryl and Sharon were tragically ended by a rutless and senseless double murder,” the chief stated.

    Repeat intruder

    At a news conference , Gibson stated that Williams was the first to enter the Lake Margaret Circle community at 3:00 p.m. on Friday. Security spotted the woman, described by the chief as “dressed in particular ways,” and she was taken out of the area through a rear entry.

    The same woman wearing the “very unusual” outfit was spotted again just over an hour later on security footage taken along Lake Margaret Circle.

    The woman asked, “Didn’t you just call 911?”

    The woman realized that the resident was calling for help and grabbed the keys from the resident. The keys belonged to a mailbox, and a car. However, Gibson stated that the car they belonged to was not the Getmans green Kia.

    Security and Mount Dora police officers arrived to find no trace of the intruder.

    Security cameras captured a picture of the Getmans’ car leaving the community at 2:02 am Saturday.

    Gibson stated that the intruder who had entered the gate the night before returned on foot about ten minutes later. However, security wouldn’t allow her in.

    “(They) sent them packing,” said. They were alarmed and followed her down to the property’s edge, where she took a right-hand turning onto a service road for construction.

    The woman was lost to security officers

    The chief stated that it was at 4 p.m. the same day that the neighbor of the Getmans, who was concerned about the garage at 161 Lake Margaret Circle being open, called the security officers to find the bodies.

    Gibson used an analogy borrowed from Lee Massie (Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent) to describe the case as a 3000-piece puzzle.

    The chief stated, “We’ve just put together the corners & the sides.” We still have a lot to do. It’s a puzzle of 3,000 pieces with many things in the middle.

    Gibson stated that he is “pretty confident” in the investigation at this stage.

    Gibson, Massie, and their detectives were also praised by the children of the couple who were killed.

    Brittany Getman and Anthony said , “They and their team have worked tirelessly together as well as with other agencies to solve the crime.” We look forward to a successful solution.

    “We ask for your privacy during this difficult time and allow law enforcement to fulfill their mission to eliminate this crime. source WSB


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