Referee Violently Attacked by Youth Basketball Players After Game


A referee was violently attacked by a group of youth basketball players in Georgia following a game. Video captured the violent beating.

After a game on Sunday at Stronghold Christian Church in Lithonia, GA, several players on one of the teams attacked the referee.

The video shows a couple of youngsters chasing down one of the refs, who was briefly able to defend himself.

Eventually, the team members overpowered the ref and beat him to the floor.

Before the attackers let the ref go, the video shows them brutally kicking and punching the man in the face.

The police did respond to the scene regarding an assault, a spokesperson for the Dekalb County Police Dept. told TMZ Sports. There is no word on the extent of the ref’s injuries.

There is an investigation into the incident, the spokesperson added.

In a statement following the game, a representative for the church said, “It is truly unfortunate about the turn of events that took place during the basketball game held at our facility this weekend.”

“We open our doors to serve our community, and our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive for enjoyment, enrichment, etc.”

The rep added, “While we can not control people, it is our hope and prayer that those who enter our facility will conduct themselves in the best manner. Our prayers go out to all those involved in this current situation.”

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  1. The kids are loser basterds and just proved they will never be anything except that, clearly, they have no role models that are worth calling parents. The other ref a chump and a fake punk not standing up for the other ref. The church and it’s members are ALL COWARDS for just WATCHING. To say nothing about the people that CHEERED?!?! The devil is embedded within that community and has turned them into animals with nothing left but the pissing contest. Well done, showing the world what is wrong with itself.


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