Radio Facts: The industry works in cycles. Artists MUST be consistent over the years to allow the audience to grow with them. VERY few artist can mimic SADE, Anita Baker, Maxwell   or even Whitney Houston and take a long break and think the audience will still be her waiting for them. When they usually re-appear they are either dated (trying to do today’s music with yesterday’s image) or they are dated (trying to do the same material 20 years later). Finally they can even be on point, have a great song, look great and even get a good reception but be perceived as too old by today’s music industry stand ards and tight playlists. This is why a show like Monique’s on bet is actually a great concept. You would NEVER see those black artists on any other talk show just like you won’t hear new material from those older artists on today’s radio.What is the older seasoned artists left to do? Exercise their options. Take it to the UK.   I was talking to a seasoned artist the other day at the gym who said he only tours and releases new material in the UK. He said he makes a ton of money and he’s tired of playing the American radio and music industry game, which doesn’t exist for artists his age. He also pointed out that he could not find record promoters in the US who knew how to market material online (no surprise there, I’ve written about it) but that he has found a ton of them in the UK. Finally he concluded the US is still dated in our music industry concepts and he found it hard to believe that we actually wonder why the industry is dying.

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