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The Therapist: Katy Perry – A One Hour Special VICELAND On Monday, June 19th

After captivating the world all weekend with her live-streamed life, VICELAND will broadcast global pop star Katy Perry’s intimate, in-depth session with “The Therapist,” Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh.During the emotional and raw extended episode, Perry opens up to Dr. Siri about the struggles that arise from the split between her public persona and her private self.

Blubrry Partners with StreamGuys to Expand Audiences for Podcasters

Podcasting pioneer Blubrry has partnered with StreamGuys to enable podcasters to expand their audience and reach through internet radio streaming. Leveraging powerful tools from StreamGuys' SaaS toolset, the new Podcast2Radio option lets Blubrry customers effortlessly convert podcasts into linear internet radio streams delivered to new audiences through StreamGuys' cloud-­based content delivery network.

Travelocity Debuts New Weekly Original Web Series

Travelocity today unveiled its original weekly web series titled "Let's Roam," hosted by Senior Editor, Courtney Scott.

Undeniable Best Songs that Should Never Be Remade

Best Songs that Should Never Be Remade by Another Artist This is a our short list and we're sure you can think of many other songs, leave your choices in the comment sections. Some of these song have been remade and to be honest the revisions sucked. These songs should never EVER be made again.
Jennifer Hudson, radiofacts.com

Amazing: WOW Jennifer Hudson (pics)

Jennifer went from frumpy to certified banger stats in almost 2 years. She has proven what many doctors have said for decades, losing weight is not a quick fix. Weight Watchers is said to be THE absolute best weight loss program ever created. Jennifer doesn't have that 'lost weight too quick' look.

10 Ways to Get Clients to Pay Faster

Radio Facts: We can all trade war stories on how hard it is to get paid from clients and how frustrated it makes us. I certainly understand . I also know that we, sometimes, are a part of the problem as well. Here are some tips in avoiding late pays. 1.

Frank Ski Comes Clean about The state of the Music Industry and Cross Dressing...

Radio Facts: (pictured Miss Sophia, entertainment reporter/co host Frank and Wand a morning show)I like both Frank and Gyant. I like what both of them are doing. Frank makes some very good points here.

Internet radio station makes leap to airwaves

Radio Facts: After a year of being online only, Ocracoke Community Radio WOVV-FM, the island 's first legitimate full-power - and legal - radio station, will soon be filling airwaves with local music, news, events and eclectic programming.Robert Raborn, who launched the idea for the community-focused station more than two years ago, learned Wednesday that funds from

The “Bad Wiglet Award” Goes to…. EDDIE LONG (pic)

All that money he makes and all those people in his church, you mean to tell me NOBODY told him how...

Why Does Radio Ignore Seasoned Aritists When they Resurface?

Radio Facts: The industry works in cycles. Artists MUST be consistent over the years to allow the audience to grow with them. VERY few artist can mimic SADE, Anita Baker, Maxwell   or even Whitney Houston and take a long break and think the audience will still be her waiting for them.

WHAT IN DE FOOK? Al Sharpton is Dating LisaRaye? Is There a Pre-Nup for...

Radio Facts: OK, this makes sense on both parts. Al is tired of dating old women with guts and beards and Lisa's purse is empty. Al, PUT YOUR MONEY IN A SAFE PLACE NOW!!!! Always walk BEHIND Lisa when going down the stairs...