WEBINAR: Radio & Pureplays, Keeping the Ad Dollars that Belong to Us


Radio Facts: Programmatic-Grabs-Bulk-of-Digital-Ad-Dollars
Radio & Pureplays: Keeping the Ad Dollars that Belong to Us
Pureplays are stealing radio’s ad dollars. Meanwhile, digital’s slice of the ad pie continues to grow. Take advantage of the truth and win the ad dollars you deserve with Research Director, Inc.’s latest industry webinar.
Thursday, April 7th @ 1pm EDT
This session is recommended for all radio salespeople who compete with pureplays (particularly Pandora) for advertising dollars. The presentation will be approximately 30 minutes, followed by Q&A.
Included in the presentation:
Radio’s consistency and ROI
The current state of pureplays in comparison to radio
Reasons why advertisers currently spending ad dollars on pureplays MUST include radio
Ready-to-use stories to help you get on the buy when competing with pureplays

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