The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Robert Sarver’s NBA Suspension Over Racist Behavior: “America Does Suffer from Racism” (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Robert Sarver’s NBA suspension over racist behavior. Phoenix Sun owner Sarver has been suspended for one year and fined $10 million by the NBA as the league investigates allegations that Starver has a history of racist misogynistic and hostile incidents over his nearly two decades overseeing the franchise, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The investigation revealed that Sarver used the N word on at least five occasions during his time with the Suns. The investigation also concluded that Sarver used demeaning language towards female employees and was hostile towards employees in a way that would be considered bullying under present workplace standards.

    Under the NBA‘s suspension, Sarver cannot be present at any Phoenix Sun NBA, Phoenix Mercury WNBA games, practices, or team functions. The NBA said it will donate the $10 million to organizations committed to addressing race and gender-based issues in and outside of the workplace.

    Steve Harvey said he does not know how affective Sarver will be after the one year suspension and the $10 million fine is going to put a “cramp” in his game. Harvey said it is hard to make $10 million.

    Harvey said it is so much out there it's hard to police it all. For example, police officers have body cameras yet some of them still go on to commit crimes.

    America does suffer from racism and the morning show hosts does not agree with Herschel Walker's views on racism. Harvey said just because Walker wants to be a senator, and even though he is saying everything his supporters wants him to say, his viewpoints does not make his ideology the truth.

    Harvey said it is important for everyone to get out and vote because “these people” are practicing voter suppression. Republicans have been practicing voter suppression practices such as changing mailbox locations as well as zoning laws and moving polling locations to control voters, said Harvey. Republicans are determined to get more states to turn red. Voter suppression is real, said Harvey

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