The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Why Lil Nas X is Upset With BET (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed why Lil Nas X is upset with BET. It seems as if Lil Nas X is still displeased with nominations, said Da Brat. It was announced earlier this month that Lil Nas X was not considered for a BET award this year. Since learning the nomination news, Lil Nas X has been taking “shots” at the network.

    The mega musician took to Twitter earlier this month to address the issue. He tweeted: “Thank you BET awards, an outstanding zero nominations again, Black excellence.”

    Taking his frustrations a step forward, Lil Nas X placed his discontent with the decision not to nominate him in a song with explicit lyrics aimed toward BET.

    He also accused the network of feeding into homophobic behavior within the hip-hop culture, said Da Brat. He tweeted: “This is my point exactly how I can get acknowledged by the most acclaimed award show in the world and then not even get one nomination from my own people. Is that not crazy? Am I tripping?”

    Rickey Smiley said to wait until the nomination happens. Many artists do not get nominated for their work. “When you start acting entitled, that’s what turns people off,” said Smiley.

    The LGBT community is not always why someone dislikes Lil Nas X’s music, said Smiley. The Morning Show agreed that the artist should focus on his music and not worry about a nomination.

    “He’s still new, so it’s going to take him some time. He’s got plenty of awards and plenty of accolades, and he can get plenty more,” said Da Brat.

    “Don’t be burning no bridges, though; you know you might get one next year. You’re ruining your chances of getting one next year,” said Smiley.

    Lil Nas X did win a BET award last year and performed on the BET stage, said the cohost. Sometimes politics are played, and the network may not give an artist an award this year because he got one last year, and they want to give someone else a chance, added Smiley.

    “You can’t make everybody happy. You got 90,000 artists,” said Smiley.


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