Ten Things Martin Luther King Jr Might Be Surprised, Disappointed or Inspired by Today.


Ten Things Martin Luther King Jr Might Be Surprised, Disappointed or Inspired by Today.

Dr King has been gone for almost 45 years and while many things have changed, many things have also stayed the same or gotten worse. Have you ever wondered what Dr. King would think, say or feel if he were alive today at 83 years of age? Radio Facts (radiofactsorg.wpengine.com) the music and radio industry leader in news and information wanted to explore what this great leader would surmise about the current state of not just the black community but America. This is a fairly light-hearted assessment of our own opinions of how Dr. King would respond to many issues it the black community today. It is not law it's just thought-provoking editorial and you can add or subtract your own theories.

1. A Black President

Even Dr. King would probably be surprised that there is a black president in the white house. He would not be surprised by the thinly veiled consistent racist attacks by conservatives and republicans and if he were still alive he would be working to bring as many people of all races together to support the president's valiant efforts instead of attack them.

2. The Growing Separation of Subcultures within the Black Community

Some people define it as the difference between blacks and “Ni$3as,” the rich and the poor or the established, educated hard working and those that feel that simply feel that they are entitled and the gap is growing. There are middle class and wealthy blacks in this country who are repulsed by what happens in the black ghettos of America. Many of these people feel the way certain black people act is a reflection on the entire black community and the reason that we still face indifference. Instead of dealing with the problems in the ghetto's head on many of us would rather ignore it and hope it goes away. Dr. King would confront it.

3. The Disadvantages of Social Media and Technology.

Dr. King would probably be greatly dissapointed if he was alive today and was able to see how twitter, youtube and FaceBook are used for beefs, posting extremely graphic and personal information and videotaped crimes posted all over the internet by people in certain parts of the black community.

4. The Super Wealth of certain Black Celebrities and the lack of Camaraderie Amongst Their Resources

Dr. King would probably ask himself, how much money does one man need? Is 20 Million enough? What would happen if each super wealthy black person in show business took 2 million and combined it with other black wealthy celebrities and created distribution companies, black food lines, community centers for youth, entertainment companies, record labels, black hair salons and barbershop chains, hair and skin care products, performing arts schools etc. While Dr. King certainly helped open the doors for blacks to prosper in business, he would probably be disappointed at how there are so many extremely wealthy black celebrities who don't combine portions of their wealth for the greater good of the black communities' growth and prosperity.

5. No New Leaders Like Himself

Dr. King would probably be disappointed that since his death almost 50 years ago, there has been a HUGE gap in leadership in the black community that has allowed subcultures (some very negative) within the black community to prosper. He would probably be disappointed that the only leaders to fill the gap between the time of his death and Obama's presidency have been the same people from the organizations that he worked with .

6. The Extreme Lack of Support that Black Radio Gives to Growing Issues in the Black Community

Without question, Dr. King would be disappointed at how corporate black radio has become leaving the community without a voice or a sounding board for issues that at one time brought us together and that he himself used to eget . He would be disappointed that radio community shows have all but disappeared and they have been replaced by 30 records and an extreme lack of information and resources to blacks. He would be supportive and satisfied that Radio One exists and that the company hires black media people but he would be disappointed that the medium is rarely used to enforce change and growth within the entire black community or that there are no longer local morning shows to support local issues in most radio markets. He would probably tell many syndicated radio hosts on black radio to retire and open the doors for a new generation of young black leaders who can use the mic to enforce change within their local communities.

7. Mega Churches and Church Scandals

Dr. King and Correta Scott were very open minded and accepting during the turbulent 50s and 60s and they realized the cause was much greater than personal opinions or personal objectives He probably would have been very neutral on today's controversial issues but he would be disappointed at the pomp, circumstance, scandals and the hypocrisy of certain black mega churches and the abuse of religion for personal gain.

8. The Extremely High Drop Out Rate for Black Male High School Students

Dr. King would be very disappointed and this would certainly be on his agenda to correct. The lack of leadership and male role models certainly plays a major part in this disproportionate misfortune that leads 50% of black males to drop out of high school before graduation.

9. Tavis Smiley's Attacks on the President

He would probably tell Tavis to sit down and shut up and be accountable for his OWN transgressions and he would probably arrange a meeting with Obama and Smiley and conclude like everyone else that Tavis is simply jealous and move on.

10. Absentee Fathers in the Black Community

Dr. King would understand that financial support is certainly LONG overdue for black children forced to be a part of the welfare system for decades because of the refusal of many black men to financially support or to even be in their children's lives but he would be even more disappointed at how the problem persists and has even gotten worse allowing negative subcultures in the black community to explode.

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