Singer K. Michelle States Radio Airplay Limited for Black Artists


Following Tyrese’s backlash a few months ago about not getting airplay on other formats besides Urban, singer K. Michelle backs up his sentiments admitting there is a double standard for black artists when it comes to the level of success they can achieve.
Singer Tyrese States Airplay Limited for Successful Black Artists
K. Michelle states the formats are limited for black artists who rarely get a chance to get exposure on other formats besides urban but it’s not the same situation for white artists. What K Michelle, a classically trained musician who, unbeknownst to many, has been in the industry for 15 years, doesn’t mention is that urban formats and playlists are also extremely tight and heavily research driven as well which means many black artists don’t get exposure at all. Contrary to the public’s perception that there is no longer any great music out there, is often not the case, the ability to get exposure on the radio often the problem, there is a LOT of great music out there.
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